Where innovation pays off: Helping low-income Haitians access environmentally-friendly energy products

In April 2011, the MIF approved a pilot project to improve low-income Haitians’ access to environmentally-friendly electricity by using remittances to buy sustainable energy products. The project, “Remittances as a source of end-user finance for sustainable energy”, is the result of a partnership with Arc Finance, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, the Basel Agency for Sustainable Development (BASE), and FoodExpress/SogeXpress, companies based in the US and Haiti. The project is testing an innovative remittance transfer model, where the clients use remittances to buy energy products: members of the Haitian diaspora living in the US can directly purchase low-cost and energy-efficient products to send to Haiti, with SogeXpress, the local Haitian partner, delivering the products in Haiti, also directly benefiting from capacity building and strengthening of the business model. This is a model that has not yet been tested anywhere else in the world, and is a path breaking initiative. The MIF has clear added value in this project given its great knowledge of remittances and access foci on climate change, energy access, payments and transfers, and Haiti.

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