Where innovation pays off: Helping low-income Haitians access environmentally-friendly energy products

In April 2011, the MIF approved a pilot project to improve low-income Haitians’ access to environmentally-friendly electricity by using remittances to buy sustainable energy products. The project, “Remittances as a source of end-user finance for sustainable energy”, is the result of a partnership with Arc Finance, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, the Basel Agency for Sustainable Development (BASE), and FoodExpress/SogeXpress, companies based in the US and Haiti. The project is testing an innovative remittance transfer model, where the clients use remittances to buy energy products: members of the Haitian diaspora living in the US can directly purchase low-cost and energy-efficient products to send to Haiti, with SogeXpress, the local Haitian partner, delivering the products in Haiti, also directly benefiting from capacity building and strengthening of the business model. This is a model that has not yet been tested anywhere else in the world, and is a path breaking initiative. The MIF has clear added value in this project given its great knowledge of remittances and access foci on climate change, energy access, payments and transfers, and Haiti.

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Como ser emprendedor… y no morir en el intento

Con motivo de la semana del emprendedor me gustaría destacar ocho puntos clave para emprender con éxito. Os propongo lo siguiente, yo empiezo con estos ocho puntos y vosotros vais añadiendo aquellos que por vuestra experiencia os parezcan clave para emprender con éxito. 
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We need help!

Despite the title, this is not the MIF’s latest fundraising tactic or our new recruiting strategy. This is how NXTP Labs’ co-founder Gonzalo Costa ended his presentation at the MIF’s headquarters in Washington, DC yesterday afternoon. The title may very well sum-up the state of our region’s ecosystem for early stage investing: it needs help. The region still falls short on many aspects, starting by a culture that fears and denies failure, an insufficient number of role models, few specialized service providers and seasoned early stage investors. The good news is that investment models that help address some of these challenges, such as the one proposed by NXTP Labs or the Brazilian21212 accelerator, are appearing in the region and being well received by regional markets.
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Emprendedores y emprendedores

¿Sabías que Bolivia, uno de los cinco países más pobres de América Latina, tiene una de las poblaciones más emprendedoras del mundo?

Es un dato interesante, sin embargo a primera vista paradójico. ¿No es que a mayor actividad emprendedora, mayor el número de empresas y mayor el número de empleos que se generan en un país?  ¿Y por lo tanto mejor la situación económica del mismo?

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¿Dónde hay un mango, venture capital?

Un interesante artículo por Camila Fronzo discute la incertidumbre de Argentina y el por qué gestores de fondos, así como emprededores locales sedientos de capital, salen al exterior en busca de nuevos socios y financiamiento. 

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