Latin America and the Caribbean: A key destination for Public Private Partnerships

In recent months, there have been interesting developments in the world of Public Private Partnerships which will affect how governments manage these programs in the future. I had the opportunity to attend the PPP Days 2012  in Geneva the last week of February to discuss with representatives from over 90 countries.

Although Latin America and the Caribbean were outnumbered by European, African and Asian countries, the region stood out in terms of its global importance in the PPP market worldwide. Between 1990 and 2011, it accounted for 31% of PPPs globally. Latin America and the Caribbean is also the largest destination for PPP investment in the world. We at the Multilateral Investment Fund have been a partner from the beginning for many of the most significant PPP programs in the region including Chile, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico as well as new and promising PPP programs such as Uruguay – all of which were represented at the conference.

Key issues of the discussion centered on:

  • renewed pressure of the costs of financing,
  • shortened tenors in many private markets, and
  • transparency, governance and accountability.
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