Preparing to enter new markets: what commercial banks can learn from successful entrepreneurs

By Tetsuro Narita, Topic Lead of the Innovative Models for Small Business Finance Team of the Access to Finance Unit at the Multilateral Investment Fund, member of the Inter-American Development Bank Group.

At a recent workshop I attended in Nicaragua, we were shown a video of a “pulpero,” or small shop owner, testifying to the benefits of a new cell phone-based financial service for entrepreneurs. When asked to list his top three factors for success in business, he responded: (1) Give thanks to God; (2) Have dreams; and (3) Know exactly what you are doing. His first item seems to be good advice for most situations, and the second two factors are relevant not only to a humble pulpero, but to any business of any size, especially one seeking to tap into a new market segment.
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Growth in women’s businesses: the role of finance

Nancy Lee is the General Manager of the MIF. This blog has been prepared for the CGAP blog. It is also part of a series discussing some of the key issues on the agenda at XVI Foromic taking place in Guadalajara, Mexico from September 30 to October 2.

The time is ripe for a wider discussion on gender and finance: evidence of the gains from economic empowerment of women is mounting rapidly - households, firms, farms, communities, and whole economies perform significantly better when women have opportunities to raise their productivity.  It is practically tautological that growth will accelerate when half the population is more productive.  The fundamental question at this point is: what factors are holding women back?  It is surprising that we have so few empirically well-grounded answers. 

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How to do business in Haiti? Invest in women and in partnerships

A few days ago, I attended the 4th Annual Haiti Business Investment Expo and Conference, here in Washington, D.C.

There was a large Haitian turnout among the participants: The Expo hosted no less than 48 Haitian businesses and associations, providing networking opportunities for the participants between the discussion sessions. Other NGOs, enterprises, financial institutions and donors also participated on panels such as “registering a business in Haiti”, “Haiti’s investment opportunities”, and “partnering to grow the manufacturing and textiles industry”.


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2012: A Year at the MIF

As the Multilateral Investment Fund prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2013, General Manager Nancy Lee reviews some of the MIF’s 2012 highlights, from ambitious new initiatives to informative events and publications.

El Fondo Multilateral de Inversiones se prepara para celebrar su 20 aniversario en 2013. En este contexto, Nancy Lee, Gerente General del FOMIN, discute lo más destacado de este año dentro de la organización y comparte en esta entrada de blog desde nuevas iniciativas hasta eventos y publicaciones de alto impacto que marcaron nuestro trabajo en el 2012.

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