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Shortening distances in economic development: the poor as a digital crowd

Por César Buenadicha

Photo by Matt Phipps

How many clicks separate economic development practitioners in Washington, D.C., from the beneficiaries of their projects in other parts of the world? Probably a few clicks (according to 
the theory of six degrees of separation).

The market for climate resilience: Hidden in plain sight?

Por Steve Wilson

Households, businesses, and communities everywhere are vulnerable to a growing array of risks related to climate change. These risks arise as a result of climate variability, caused primarily by the long-term emission of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide. Climate risks are manifold: floods, drought, extreme winds, heat waves, sea level rise, invasive pests, and wildfires, among others. Understandably, extreme weather events such as hurricanes and major floods receive the most attention. But longer-term, incremental changes (such as in temperature and precipitation patterns) can be at least as costly and can threaten our very survival—endangering our food supply, water and energy security, health, businesses, livelihoods, and human settlements.

Economía Circular: mariposas y la cuarta revolución industrial

Por Estrella Peinado-Vara

Una mariposa lo resume todo. Puede ser un símbolo de la biodiversidad, de la fragilidad, de la capacidad de transformación oel diagrama del tipo de economía al que deberíamos estar apuntando. Algo más de la mitad (54%) de los 7.300 millones de habitantes del mundo viven en áreas urbanas, una proporción que se espera que aumente a un 66% en 2050. La población crece y con ella aumen

¿Dónde navegar la nube de opciones educativas en América Latina?

Por Marcelo Cabrol

Comienza el viaje. Necesitamos un pasaje: acceso veloz a internet. También un destino: aprender algo, mucho, variado, constante, suelto, guiado, autodidacta, lo que sea pero cuanto más sentido tenga (para cada uno y para la sociedad en conjunto) mejor será.

Open data + increased disclosure = better public-private partnerships

Por David Bloomgarden

The benefits of open and participatory public procurement are increasingly being recognized by international bodies such as the Group of 20 major economies, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and multilateral development banks. Value for money, more competition, and better goods and services for citizens all result from increased disclosure of contract data. Greater openness is also an effective tool to fight fraud and corruption.