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The digital meteor and the future of jobs, income, and assets: Ninjas, Ojihas, and Modilals

Por César Buenadicha

65 million years ago, a dinosaur was eating peacefully—as many generations of dinosaurs had done before—when it noticed a ball of fire in the sky moving toward the Earth. The dinosaur was a bit worried, but as a member of the most successful and longest lasting species of animals back in those times, it didn't think the meteor was a threat to its existence. Meanwhile, a small rat-like animal, one of the first mammals on Earth, ran close to the dinosaur, eating some of its leftovers.

Derisking Threatens Caribbean Banking Sector and Trade

Por Guest

By Allan Wright

Allan Wright, country economist for The Bahamas at the Inter-American Development Bank, discusses the impact of derisking strategies on the Caribbean:

Venture Capital: Driving Economic Growth

Por Yuri Soares

Startups and scale-ups create the vast majority of jobs in the formal economy, providing, on average, 66 percent of jobs worldwide and the greatest share of jobs in low-income countries. Moreover, small and medium-sized enterprises are important not just for job creation, but also for economic growth, thanks to their outstanding capacity to increase productivity through innovation. 

El Auge de las Aceleradoras para Emprendimientos Sociales

Por Ignacio Fernandez Admetlla

Por Amparo de San José and Ignacio Fernández Admetlla  

La ambición de algunos individuos por resolver un problema social o medioambiental mientras se crea un proyecto propio es el germen de todo emprendimiento social. No obstante, a la hora de canalizar las aspiraciones y la iniciativa emprendedora, y fomentar una cultura que lo facilite y promueva, hay distintos agentes que desempeñan un papel instrumental: agencias públicas de apoyo, universidades, incubadoras, intermediarios en financiación para emprendedores, y más recientemente, las aceleradoras. 

The Challenge and the Opportunity of Private Sector Climate Resilience

Por Steve Wilson

How does the private sector anticipate and build climate resilience in the face of increasing risks, such as cyclonic winds, flooding and storm surge, drought, heat waves, sea level rise and wildfires?  Answering this question depends very much on whom you ask. In public policy circles, private actors are often characterized as relatively unconcerned about the threat of climate change, more focused on short-term financial results, and discounting climate risk as an issue in the distant future.