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Las normas que favorecen al desarrollo de los mercados microfinancieros

Por Veronica Trujillo


En la última década, el mercado microfinanciero ha visto un enorme crecimiento a nivel regional llegando en América Latina a más de1.000 instituciones con una cartera de más de US$ 40 mil millones. Sin embargo, como indica el Microscopio Global, el entorno para las microfinanzas no es igual de favorable en los diferentes países.

Let the games begin: Pitch competition featured at Caribbean Microfinance Forum

Por Guest

Facilitators Lisa Harding of the Caribbean Development Bank and Yvonne Chin Irving, a media consultant, counting ballots to determine the winning youth track project proposal.

By Wayne Beecher and Trang Ho

Over 132 participants and 32 presenters were in for a special treat at the Fifth Caribbean Microfinance Forum (#CaribForumV) in Montego Bay, Jamaica, last June 2-5, 2014. 

Learning and sharing lessons from our microfinance projects

Por Guest


The MIF has worked on hundreds of microfinance projects over our two decades, and we continue to do so. In the 1990s, when we were just getting started, microfinance in Latin America and the Caribbean was much less developed than it is today. In 1998, we established a “line of activity” that focused on establishing best practices for microfinance in the region. Now, microfinance is much more sophisticated and its needs are more complicated. We launched a second “line of activity” of smaller-scale microfinance projects in 2003, which targeted a broader range of partners than its predecessor did—not only traditional microfinance institutions (MFIs), but also banks seeking to reach smaller-scale clients, cooperatives, networks, and other kinds of organizations in the microfinance sphere needing institutional strengthening. 

Las fuentes de información mas respetadas en Microfinanzas

Por Guest


¿Dónde puede encontrar información actualizada y comparable sobre microfinanzas e inclusión financiera? ¿Cuáles son las fuentes más confiables?  Estos temas fueron recientemente abordados en nuestras discusiones preliminares para ampliar el enfoque del Microscopio Global sobre el entorno de las Microfinanzas hacia la Inclusión Financiera; y como parte de este proceso, analizamos los resultados de una evaluación realizada por Fusion Research sobre la relevancia del Microscopio Global entre los actores del sector de las microfinanzas. 


Building up biz in the Caribbean: investigating demand for microcredit

Por Ryan Tang

Despite efforts from microfinance practitioners and donors to develop microfinance in the Caribbean, uptake of formal microcredit has lagged behind expectations in some cases. Meanwhile, anecdotal evidence indicates that many microentrepreneurs continue to use informal financing alternatives, such as rotating savings and credit associations (ROSCAs), moneylenders, and supplier credit. This raises important questions about the potential for microfinance in the Caribbean. Why do some microentrepreneurs still turn to informal mechanisms instead of formal microcredit to finance their business? What characteristics of financing are most important to Caribbean microentrepreneurs?