We provide financing in the form of grants, loans, guarantees, equity, and quasi-equity or any combination thereof, as well as advisory services.

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Areas of Work

MIF projects are identified and prioritized in order to meet the objectives proposed in our areas of focus: Climate-Smart Agriculture, Inclusive Cities and Knowledge Economy. When identifying and designing a project, we use the following prioritization rationale:

  • Project results and alignment with our objectives. How does the project contribute to the objectives of the area in question, and with the overall goals of the MIF?
  • Prioritization rationale. Why was this project chosen in the context of the thematic rationale?
  • Project Components. What are the project’s components and activities and how do they contribute to delivering the project’s outputs and outcomes? How will the project’s lessons be captured, measured, and used to reach the desired audiences?
  • Knowledge exchange strategy. What can we learn from this project, and how will that knowledge be distributed and/or harnessed?