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Many small businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean are unable to grow and develop their full potential. A critical bottleneck is lack of access to financing, which particularly affects small businesses that are too large for microfinance and too small for bank lending - the “missing middle”. Nearly 65% of small businesses in the region have restricted access to loans or lines of credit, representing a financing gap in the range of USD 80 to 90 billion.


The MIF aims to expand access to financial services for small businesses.

MIF Solutions:

  • Encourage commercial banks to serve small businesses by implementing downscaling models
  • Encourage microfinance institutions to serve small businesses by implementing upscaling models.
  • Encourage financial institutions to create specific and innovative products for small businesses.

Results and Impact:

  • More financial institutions expanding or developing new products for small businesses;
  • More small businesses in the region accessing financing;
  • More financing being directed to small businesses;
  • Through a demonstration effect, other institutions are encouraged to expand services to small business;
  • Impact of small business finance in areas such as business performance, growth and employment is measured and evaluated;
  • Knowledge products addressing small business financing issues are developed and disseminated.



7th Regional Survey

New edition of MIF survey on banks and SMEs indicates strong confidence in the SME segment, greater investments and long-term loans.

 Download the 2014 survey
 Download the 2013 survey


Supporting growth in women’s businesses: women entrepreneurshipBanking provides incentives for Latin American and Caribbean financial intermediaries to launch innovative and inclusive lending models for women-led micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Through a unique combination of loans, guarantees and technical assistance, banks and other financial intermediaries have the tools to tailor their financial products and services to better fit the needs of women-led MSMEs.

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