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The Challenge of Entrepreneurship

Innovation and support for entrepreneurship are key drivers for the development of economies. Access to financing in early stages of development is crucial for the creation of dynamic businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition to capital, entrepreneurs need a favorable environment to launch and develop their dynamic businesses. This environment, commonly called an "entrepreneurial ecosystem", consists of a series of actors and conditions that interact to increase the likelihood of success and life expectancy of companies in start-up and growth stages.

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The MIF seeks to support high impact entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean by creating a favorable ecosystem for early stage financing through angel, seed, and venture capital investments.

To achieve this objective, the MIF carries out projects and initiatives in the following areas:

  • Getting on the right track. We provide technical assistance and consult with governments who want to make reforms to regulations and support initiatives that promote early-stage financing.
  • Encouraging stakeholder engagement. We bolster the presence of relevant actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, such as business development agencies, angel investor networks, business schools, accelerators, associations, corporations, etc.
  • Supporting the strengthening of the financial system. We encourage the development of early-stage financing networks and of capital markets for companies in growth stages.
  • Betting on entrepreneurs. We encourage "investment readiness" programs to increase the number and improve the quality of proposals by entrepreneurs, helping them to be better prepared to receive investments.
  • Disseminating and raising awareness. We publicize knowledge and success stories that serve as models for early stage financing.

The regional outlook is currently quite favorable, which encourages a renewed effort to continue improving entrepreneurial environments in the countries. For economies with advanced ecosystems, we support their progress towards the levels of developed countries. For economies with nascent ecosystems, we support their implementation of measures of continuous improvement towards a more advanced environment.


  • 17 years working in the region
  • More than US$ 31mm of investments and technical assistance
  • 8 Angel networks supported
  • 41 Projects implemented
  • 19 publications
  • Participation and organization of more than 25 Events



4th Workshop-Seminar for Professionals of the  Entrepreneurial  Ecosystem in LA 
PRODEM/Multilateral Investment Fund 
May 19- 23, 2014. Dominican Republic.

MIF Fund Managers Meeting 
Multilateral Investment Funds  
September 18, 2014, New York USA

WeXchange: Latin American and Caribbean Forum for Women Entrepreneurs 
Multilateral Investment Fund
December 11-12, 2014. Miami, USA



Angel Capital Association Summit
Angel Capital Association (ACA)
March 26-28, 2014. Washington D.C., USA 

ABVCap Conference 
April 14-15, 2014. Río de Janiero, Brazil 

Fórum brasileiro de finanças sociais e negócios de impacto
VOX Capital/ ICE/ Artemisia
May 6-7, 2014. Sao Paulo, Brazil

NXTP Demo Day
June 5, 2014.  Buenos Aires, Argentina

NXTP Mentor´s Day
September 7, 2014. Buenos Aires, Argentina

LatAm invades Silicon Valley
September, 2014. California, USA

LP/GP Professional Development Program
November 11, 2014.  Colombia




WeXchange is the first ever Latin American and Caribbean regional forum for women entrepreneurs who are seeking early stage financing. It was established by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank, in collaboration with NXTP Labs and Ellas2.

The first WeXchange was held in Miami, Florida, USA from December 11-12, 2013 at The LAB Miami and the Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus, and brought together female entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors from Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, and Europe. Read our report: The First Latin American and Caribbean Forum for Women Entrepreneurs 

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Venture Capital’s record as a source of capital for small and medium-sized enterprises has inspired the creation of a number of funds in emerging markets - in particular, those in Latin America.

2012 Meeting:

Read about the key issues and learnings discussed 
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Download Lessons Learned from Investors in Latin America and the Caribbean


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