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Governments, constrained by limited fiscal resources, have used public-private partnerships (PPPs) as mechanisms for developing infrastructure and enhancing access to basic services. However, in Latin America and the Caribbean, use of PPPs varies widely, with concentration in mature markets and at the national level. A lack of knowledge and awareness of the benefits of implementing PPPs, as well as difficulties in bringing PPP projects to market, hamper PPP implementation. These challenges are especially pronounced at the sub-national level.


The MIF aims to expand and embed the PPP concept in Latin America and the Caribbean at both the national and sub-national levels to help countries bring PPP projects to market with greater transparency and effectiveness.

MIF Solutions:

  • Creating Infrascope – the first region-wide index to evaluate the environment for PPP investment, which is now being replicated by the Asian Development Bank.
  • Organizing the annual conference of PPP practitioners – PPPAmericas - with platforms for collaboration between public and private sector partners.
  • Designing a new technical assistance facility to provide support for bringing PPP projects to market.
  • Piloting PPP projects at the sub-national level that focus on serving micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and low-income populations.

Results and Impact:

  • A greater number of governments in the Latin American and Caribbean region have enhanced their abilities and capacity to launch PPP projects in their countries.
  • An increased number of low-income communities in Latin America and the Caribbean have access to new and improved infrastructure and services through PPP projects at the national and sub-national levels.



New Frontiers in PPPs

Regional Public-Private Partnerships Advisory Services Program. 

This innovative program is designed to enable governments to more effectively attract private-sector participation in infrastructure projects and strengthen government capacities in the design, execution and management of these public-private partnerships. It will focus on the national governments in small and less developed countries and governments at the sub-national level that lack capacities.

The program offers support under two broad areas:

1.     Building knowledge and capacity and setting the framework to structure PPP projects 
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2.     Support for PPP project selection and preparation
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