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¿Cómo vamos a alimentar tanta gente en 50 años? ¿Cambiaremos los sistemas productivos actuales o nos tocará colonizar Marte?

By Guest

¿Han pensado que, en algún momento dentro de los próximos cien años, si seguimos nuestra trayectoria actual de consumo de recursos, el hombre tendrá que buscar otra casa diferente a nuestro planeta tierra?

Banks can make the world a better place—here’s how

By Guest

By Angela Miller

When people are asked to name institutions they trust, banks rarely top the list. In fact, they don’t usually make  the top five. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, the financial sector is among the least trusted industries, a position it has held since the depth of the global financial crisis in 2008.

Step No.1 to win low-income customers: discard your stereotypes

By Guest

By Susan Olsen

An unwillingness to overcome stereotypes about people at the economic base of the pyramid (BOP) could easily be the most important explanation of why some BOP-focused companies aren’t successful. Shattering stereotypes before starting an inclusive business model was the basis for a provocative panel discussion that took place during the Inter-American Development Bank’sBASE III Forum in Mexico City this summer.

To connect or not to connect? Shifting energy industry forges unlikely partnerships

By Guest

On the big island in Hawaii, the sun shines 168 days of the year. In Honolulu, it jumps to 271 days of sunshine. That’s the perfect market to launch a new partnership between solar panel supplier SolarCity and electric carmaker Tesla Motors.

Latin America: The next global breadbasket

By Guest

International experts flew into the inaugural AgroLAC 2025 meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil, last month to promote new financial instruments that could connect with innovative solutions to expand and develop sustainable agricultural production across the region. The timing couldn’t be more significant: experts predict that global food production must increase by 60 percent to feed the 9 billion people who will inhabit our planet by 2050. And we need to accomplish this as farmers and producers worldwide confront the growing effects of climate change and increasing competition for land and water.