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Our newsletter has a new look. What do you think?

By Claudia Moreno


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Earlier this year, we asked you how you would like to be informed about the MIF’s latest news, projects, calls for proposals, and knowledge products.

How the embedded education model can improve performance of loan officers

By Guest

By María Jaramillo, Microfinance Opportunities (MFO) and Andrea Stiles, AVAL Consulting


Eduardo, a loan officer for Banco Solidario in Ecuador, has difficulty talking to potential clients about the microinsurance products that insurance companies offer to bank clients through the loan process. He is brief in his explanations as he fears clients could ask questions he would not know how to answer.

Data gaps for women entrepreneurs: why they matter

By Nancy Lee, General Manager

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In September, we at the Inter-American Development Bank had the opportunity to host the annual summit of the Global Banking Alliance for Women. GBA is a path-breaking consortium of more than 30 banks interested in serving women clients. While moderating a panel on gaps in data about the women’s market, I briefed the audience of about 200 on the gender-related results of a 2013 survey by FELABAN, the Latin American bankers’ association. The survey posed two questions to regional bankers regarding use of data broken down by gender and how banks serve their women clients.

Cómo coordinar la regulación e innovación en el ámbito de la inclusión financiera

By Veronica Trujillo


Regular e innovar parecen verbos incompatibles a primera vista. En algunos mercados, como el financiero, determinados actores solamente pueden realizar las actividades que la ley autoriza. ¿Cómo entonces se podrían crear nuevas soluciones o introducir nuevos productos?

Un año de aprendizaje en microseguros

By Shoshana Grossman-Crist

¿Cuál es el impacto de compartir conocimiento? En el FOMIN nos hicimos esa pregunta y por esa razón hace poco más de un año lanzamos el Diario de Aprendizaje con nuestras Agencias Ejecutores en microseguros en América Latina y el Caribe.