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Crowdfunding: Un canal adicional para financiarlo todo

By Smeldy Ramirez

English Version

A pesar de los medios digitales y el flujo de información, aún se conoce muy poco sobre el concepto de Crowdfunding (Financiación en Masa) en la región de America Latina. Alrededor de 14 espacios virtuales distribuidos en países como Brazil, Argentina y Chile, utilizan tímidamente este mecanismo para recaudar o captar recursos para un determinado propósito.
Antes de avanzar en este esquema de captación de recursos y sus diferentes tipologías, se hace obligatorio arrojar una definición lo suficientemente clara que permita a lector, comprender el concepto. .

Can development work “run lean”?

By Nobuyuki Otsuka


On June 25th in Santiago, Chile, I had the privilege of listening to Ash Maurya. Along with Erick Ries and Steve Blank, Ash is one of today’s most popular “rock stars” on the topic of entrepreneurship. He was a keynote speaker at this year’s National Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, organized by SOFOFA, the Chilean Federation of Industry - one of Latin America’s most influential private sector organizations.

Ash’s book, “Running Lean,” has become the most useful practical guide for millions of entrepreneurs in the world. Of course, in my own presentation right before his, I did not fail to say “Lean Startup” out loud in my last slide (he caught right on to that!).

Innovating Innovation? A report from Cordoba, Argentina

By Nobuyuki Otsuka

The entire audience in the conference room at the Hotel Sheraton laughed at the picture of a “mini-fan attached to chopsticks” that Argentinian freelance consultant Eduardo Kastika showed at the Innovation Summit held on May 21st in Cordoba. It was highly unusual to see more than 450 participants from reputable Cordoba-based firms – uptight, well-dressed corporate executives – intensely listening to Eduardo speaking about “innovation.” So what is new in the already “worn out” topic of innovation?