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Financial institutions provide customer service fueled by artificial intelligence

By Irani Arraiz

Businesses have been using online customer service for a while.  It is a popular channel because is fast and easy to use―it requires minimal effort from the customer, which increases the likelihood of completing the task that they are up to complete. 

Jóvenes de América Latina y el Caribe buscan trayectorias laborales ascendentes

By Elena Heredero Rodriguez

Eduardo Herrera es un joven que vive en la ciudad de México. Dejó la escuela sin terminar la secundaria y estuvo trabajando en el sector informal de la economía. Llegó a tener hasta tres empleos informales y como él mismo explica “no logré nada, simplemente recibía la paga”. Y así es para la mayoría de los jóvenes entre 15-29 años de América Latina y el Caribe.

Effective solutions for youth that don’t want to be NEET anymore.

By Francisco Larra Bujalance

Alejandra is a Mexican young woman whom dropped out of secondary school when she was 16 years old due to her pregnancy. After a long period out from school and the labor market, she would like to work but she perceives that her situation neither allows her to enroll in a job training nor look for a job. Daniel decided to drop out when he was studying his last year of secondary school. He thought that school didn’t contribute anything to his life and he decided, in his own words, “to the monotony of doing nothing for living” because there was not hope in Uraba, his home region in Colombia.    

Artificial Intelligence to stop online fraud

By Irani Arraiz

I wrote some days ago about one of the selected FinTechs that will integrate to Finconecta―a 10-month pilot program in partnership with a&b, that FOMIN/IDB is partially financing. I wrote about the US$21.84 billion losses (in 2015) due to credit and debit card fraud worldwide. But this figure is just the tip of the iceberg.  

Conoce a las fintech en la mitad del mundo

By Guest

¿Sabías que Ecuador, desde la década de los 70, se ha distinguido por sus empresas de tecnología financiera, conocidas como fintech? Desde hace varias décadas, Ecuador ya produce software financiero enfocado en core bancario que se exporta a otros países de América Latina. También Banco del Pacífico, uno de los bancos de Ecuador, fue pionero en la región en introducir cajeros automáticos.