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What makes an economy orange?


Around the world, the Orange Economy, or creative economy, is becoming more important as technology disrupts the way we produce, distribute, commercialize, and consume creative content. This sector, which includes both traditional artistic activities and more tech-driven creative pursuits (i.e. videogames, graphic design, 3D printing), represents 6.1% of the world’s economy and employs 144 million workers.

What makes an economy green?


A Green Economy incentivizes both producers and consumers to: use all the resources of the Earth and its atmosphere more sustainably, thereby safeguarding future generations’ access  to natural assets, and reduce waste in production and consumption in order to protect the biosphere and to improve quality of life for humans and all other beings. 

What makes an economy blue?


The Blue Economy concept was developed by Belgian entrepreneur Gunter Pauli under the principles that it is possible to create an economic system that emulates natural, zero-waste ecosystems and that is available to everyone, not just the wealthy.  

¡La fiesta continúa!


La pasada semana celebrábamos el exitoso cierre del proyecto “Nuevos Caminos para las Microfinanzas Rurales”, con la Cooperativa Microempresas de Colombia. Se trata de un broche de oro para un largo camino recorrido y cuyos resultados y lecciones aprendidas les seguiremos relatando.