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Not Afraid of Dreaming Big-Not Afraid of Failing Fast

By Susana Garcia-Robles

(Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images) 

Picture a street anywhere in Latin America or the Caribbean.

A woman in high heels stumbles on the sidewalk, falls flat on her face, cuts her knee, and her tights get a big run and hole in them. How does she react? She looks around, sees three people running to help her, turns as red as her bleeding knee, and jumps up. She tells them, “Nothing happened”, and she walks away as fast as she can.

Wakami: un modelo de producción responsable

By Jessica Olivan Tellez

En el 2013, el FOMIN se asoció con la ONG guatemalteca Comunidades de la Tierra para mejorar las vidas de mujeres, sus familias y sus comunidades. Esta es la historia que escribí anteriormente acerca de cómo inició el sueño Wakami.  Recientemente, Wakami fue reconocido con el premio a la Innovación para la Sostenibilidad Stephan Schmidheiny, en la categoría de Producción Responsable, este premio reconoce a los emprendedores sociales y la forma en que pueden mostrar nuevos y más efectivos modelos de creación de valor. A la fecha, el impacto económico y social que genera este proyecto es muy importante, por lo que compartimos los avances más relevantes para crear prosperidad para mujeres en la Guatemala rural.

In search of effective mentoring programs for women entrepreneurs

By Yuri Soares

By Yuri Soares and Maria Teresa Villanueva 

Mentoring is a tool that has the potential to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses, and in some cases change their lives. Models of mentoring are more widely available than ever before. Modern approaches emphasize that women benefit from a wide array of mentors—not only experienced and successful women, but also male role models, peers, and even competitors. Mentoring is also increasingly conducted through dynamic platforms, often online or through social media, and is increasingly integrated as part of broader programs.

WeXchange, the sequel

By Susana Garcia-Robles

Almost three years ago, the MIF asked us to apply a “gender lens” to all of our operations. So our Early Stage Equity team brainstormed about how we could do this, and decided to take an entrepreneurial approach. First, we began contacting our colleagues and friends who had a role in building entrepreneurial ecosystems in the region. After many calls, a clear focus for our intervention emerged: women entrepreneurs’ need to strengthen and expand their networks, and to find women role models. 

Empowering Rural Women in Agriculture

By Nancy Lee, General Manager

Project Results: Interfisa Financiera in Paraguay percentage of women rural clients

Empowering rural women as farmers, entrepreneurs, and leaders throughout the agricultural value chain is a topic with exceptional importance for agricultural productivity, fighting poverty, and food security.