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By walking together youth can go farther

By Francisco Larra Bujalance

It was in the month of August, exactly 20 years ago, when I started the task to provide vocational counseling to more than 75 senior high school students from a public school in a marginalized neighborhood from Guatemala City. It was my first professional experience as a vocational counselor. While I was trying to provide them with professional profiles information and career paths that may be useful for them, I knew that very few would achieve enrollment in a public university in the next few months: the majority of them wouldn’t graduate and, in general, they would have to face directly the labor market without enough skills and low salaries.

Progresa Capital: Pioneering Venture Capital in Colombia

By Yuri Soares

Founded in 2009 by Promotora, the investment banking affiliate of the Colombian conglomerate Grupo Sura, Progresa Capital was the first full-fledged Colombian venture capital fund managed by a local team. 

NEO Urabá y el cambio de vida de silvia

By Carlos Novoa

Entrevista a: Silvia Castaño Morales, joven de 27 años que vive en el municipio de Apartadó (Antioquia), graduada de formación complementaria en “Aseo en edificaciones”. También  realizó el curso de habilidades para la vida a través del programa NEO Urabá – Colombia.

Midsummer at the MIF: An update on our progress

By Brigit Helms

I recently marked 6 months as general manager of the MIF. Since I last updated you on our work, still more has happened, so it seems like a good time to share some of the latest developments with you.

VOX Capital: Investing in sustainable market-based solutions for Brazil’s BoP

By Yuri Soares

Founded in São Paulo, Brazil in early 2009, Vox Capital is a venture capital impact investment management company that focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) serving low-income populations.