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Helping to promote high-impact entrepreneurship

By Dora Moscoso

The 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI) was released today by the Global Entrepreneurship Network and the GEDI Institute so that findings from the Index can drive policy discussions this week, as millions in 165 countries are participating in Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Increasing access to credit without increasing the risk of the portfolio

By Irani Arraiz

In September 2011, FOMIN presented a project to the donors committee that aimed to test a novel approach to evaluate the credit worthiness of micro and small entrepreneurs.  It was a tool developed by the Entrepreneurial Finance Lab, a for-profit organization created in 2010 after developing a low-cost credit screening prototype at the Harvard Center for International Development.

Crowdfunding Mexico, bringing financial equality to all

By César Buenadicha

By: Cesar Buenadicha and Stephanie Canfield

Almost two years ago, Crowdfunding Mexico was created with one idea in mind: eliminating the financing gap affecting young entrepreneurs, women, and the general population who face challenges in accessing traditional financial institutions in the country. To solve this problem they thought of using “crowdfunding,”a relatively new funding mechanism that has shown great results in countries such as Great Britain and the United States. 

Multi-stakeholder alliances: learning to see the world through the eyes of the others

By Francisco Larra Bujalance

Seis hindúes sabios, inclinados al estudio, quisieron saber qué era un elefante. Como eran ciegos, decidieron hacerlo mediante el tacto. El primero en llegar junto al elefante, chocó contra su ancho y duro lomo y dijo: «Ya veo, es como una pared». El segundo, palpando el colmillo, gritó: «Esto es tan agudo, redondo y liso que el elefante es como una lanza». El tercero tocó la trompa retorcida y gritó: «¡Dios me libre! El elefante es como una serpiente». El cuarto extendió su mano hasta la rodilla, palpó en torno y dijo: «Está claro, el elefante es como un árbol». El quinto, que casualmente tocó una oreja, exclamó: «Aún el más ciego de los hombres se daría cuenta de que el elefante es como un abanico». El sexto, quien tocó la oscilante cola, acotó: «El elefante es muy parecido a una soga». Y así, los sabios discutieron largo y tendido, cada uno excesivamente terco y violento en su propia opinión y, aunque parcialmente en lo cierto, estaban todos equivocados. Parábola atribuida a Rumi, sufí persa del s. XIII.

When it comes to Brazil, look past the headlines

By Susana Garcia-Robles

I just came back from California, where the Brazilian VC/PE Association, ABVCAP, held its fourth InBrazil Forum. The idea of these fora is to introduce Brazil and its investment opportunities to Silicon Valley (SV) investors. It showcases entrepreneurs and funds from the country, as well as other actors from the ecosystem: lawyers, government agencies, family offices, corporations, Silicon Valley Bank, and the MIF; all with track records supporting the VC/PE industry in Brazil and other countries.