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A fruitful 2015 and exciting 2016 for EcoMicro

By Gregory Watson

The MIF and Nordic Development Fund’s (NDF) EcoMicro program  had a busy 2015.  For those of you unfamiliar with EcoMicro, this award-winning  program provides technical assistance to financial institutions to develop green lending products, measure and mitigate climate risk in their portfolios, and reduce the environmental impact of their own operations.

Green credit takes root in Mexico

By Gregory Watson

When the MIF, in partnership with the Nordic Development Fund, first launched the EcoMicro program—which works with microfinance institutions in the region to develop green credit products—there was a lot we didn’t know for sure. Were there many MFIs out there seeking to make their portfolios more environmentally friendly? Would there be demand among customers for loans to help them make their homes or businesses more energy efficient? And once the pilot versions of these green credit products had been introduced, would they be scaled up and reach sustainability? 

Living for the sea: Restoring coral reefs on the Dominican coast

By Guest

By Sheilly Núñez. 

The turquoise waters and white sand beaches of the Caribbean attract tourists the world over. And for good reason. The region is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world. Beneath the surface of all that natural beauty, however, is a rich and hugely varied ecosystem that a new generation is working to keep vibrant and intact. For the Dominican Republic, the sea is one of its main attractions. The reefs also represent an important source of income for coastal communities. Fausto Guerrero, a 29-year-old resident of Punta Cana who used to rely solely on fishing for his livelihood, is now working to preserve the coral reefs that are so crucial to sustaining marine life and biodiversity in Dominican waters.

Little Corn Island, la isla caribeña donde habrá cero bolsas de plástico

By Griselda Soto Bravo

Little Corn Island, “la islita” como la denominan sus pobladores, es una pequeña isla de 3 Km2 en el caribe de Nicaragua, forma parte del Municipio de Corn Island (isla grande), zona de mucha belleza escénica y biodiversidad, - mar azul cristalino, arena blanca, humedales, fuentes de agua y playas vírgenes. La semana pasada Little Corn island se convirtió en la primera comunidad de Nicaragua que prohibió el uso de las bolsas plásticas en el comercio.

The energy, water, and climate 'win-win-win-win' solution

By Filippo Berardi

What normally comes to mind when thinking about the nexus between energy, water and climate change?  Probably things like energy-efficient water pumps, solar panels for water purification, or methane recovery in wastewater treatment plants - all routinely discussed in conferences and seminars around the world, and featured in the scientific literature grappling with climate change mitigation and water scarcity issues.