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Retos para financiar la infraestructura urbana

By Guest

Este blog forma parte de la serie de blogs hacia PPPAméricas 2016, que este año se llevará a cabo en Santiago, Chile del 20 al 22 de junio.  

Por Ellis Juan, Jefe de la División de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano del BID

El mejoramiento de la infraestructura urbana es un catalizador del desarrollo sostenible, estrechamente vinculado al crecimiento económico, al aumento de la productividad, a la reducción de la pobreza y a mayor equidad. Sin embargo, en América Latina y el Caribe (ALC) existe una brecha de infraestructura urbana tal que se requieren alrededor de US$100 mil millones anuales durante los próximos años para cerrarla – excluyendo componentes de adaptación/resiliencia que suponen un aumento en la inversión entre el 10% y 20%

Introducing the PPPAmericas Blog Series

By Dennis Blumenfeld

June 20th through 22nd the MIF will kick off the seventh edition of its PPPAmericas conference.

In 2009, I joined MIF to organize the second ever PPPAmericas; at the time, a small, invitation only event. Since, PPPAmericas has grown into the largest knowledge event on public-private partnerships in Latin America and the Caribbean. The conference is a hub for exchanging knowledge on the latest trends in developing public-private partnerships and for identifying strategic partners and business opportunities.

Closing the information gap on social impact bonds

By Zachary Levey

Are Latin American governments interested in paying only for what works? Are there investors who want to link their financial returns to improved social outcomes? Can governments, private investors, and nonprofits work together to solve intractable social problems? These are some of the questions we asked ourselves at the Inter-American Development Bank’s Multilateral Investment Fund, before launching a regional program to support social impact bonds (SIBs) and results-based financing models in Latin America and the Caribbean.

SIBs and PPPs: Expanding cross-sector partnerships to solve social issues

By Guest

By Alexander Honjiyo 

Over the past year and a half, a financial mechanism called social impact bonds (SIBs) has garnered excitement throughout Latin America as an alternative way to fund social programs – from governments and private investors, non-profits and social entrepreneurs from Mexico to Brazil, Colombia to Chile.

While SIBs may be new, they are, in many ways, like Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), familiar to governments around the world and in particular to governments in Latin America and the Caribbean.

From toll roads to ‘smart’ mobility projects: the evolution of public-private partnerships

By David Bloomgarden

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) to build and maintain infrastructure are no longer just for big economies in traditional sectors, involving projects such as toll roads and ports. Small economies and regional and local government are realizing the potential of engaging the private sector in infrastructure projects. Now, innovation is creeping into PPPs.