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Are you really saving for your retirement?

By Avril Perez

So, are you really saving for your retirement? Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer. Nonetheless, today across the globe there is a significant (more like worrisome) percentage of the population NOT saving for their retirement. It is estimated that in a developed nation like the United States, more than 36% of the population has no savings for retirement.

Inclusive Commitment Savings in LAC: An interview on the study

By Avril Perez

La versión en español del blog está disponible en la página del programa ProAhorros

Early in 2013, 
the ProSavings team announced the launch of a study that set out to do what no one in the realm of savings and financial inclusion had done before, map and analyze the commitment savings product supply in 26 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean – thus contributing to filling the huge knowledge gap that remains in the region.
In an interview with Andrea Reyes (ProSavings Program Coordinator) and Fermin Vivanco (MIF Sr. Specialist), who originally devised and supervised this study, they talk us through the process of conceiving this study and their reactions to its results.

Distinguiendo las características del ahorro programado

By Avril Perez

English version available at the Prosavings program website

Durante el transcurso del año venimos hablando sobre el ahorro programado y sus beneficios. Sabemos que al ahorro programado también se le conoce bajo otros nombres como ahorro contractual, ahorro planificado o ahorro previo. Y también sabemos que, a diferencia de otros tipos de ahorro, el ahorro programado se caracteriza por los mecanismos que le permiten a los clientes ahorrar, periódicamente, montos pequeños y flexibles, para que a lo largo del tiempo este ahorro se pueda destinar a uno o varios fines previamente definidos.

What do we really know about MFI clients?

By Avril Perez

We returned from the XVI Foromic in Mexico with plenty of energy and fresh ideas in the bag. Through this series we want to explore emerging trends in the realm of financial inclusion – from microcredit to distribution channels. Join us during the next few weeks and participate with your comments. 

What do we really know about MFI clients? We tend to have a general knowledge of clients’ needs and wants - health, education, decent housing, protection against emergencies - but perhaps we are missing more meaningful information, a deeper knowledge that would allow MFI’s to better serve their clients. A panel titled “MFI Clients: What do we know about them?” featured in this month’s XVI Foromic, put this concept into perspective for me. In addressing clients’ needs through financial products, it is important to take into account the different resources clients already have and the different money management strategies they usually pursue. Conducting segmentation at a deeper level is the key. 

Planning a better future in Guadalajara

By Avril Perez

By Xavier Martin

This blog was originally posted in Spanish in the Prosavings program blog.

This is the story of Miguel and surely of many other microentrepreneurs that use financial services in the region and dream of a better future. I heard this story from Miguel himself, as he drove me to the airport following my presentation at Foromic on commitment savings and what microfinance clients want. Miguel let me know what he wanted.