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Springing up the education ladder in Haiti: From brain drain to brain gain

By Nara Meli

“What is the point of college?” asked the New York Times’ Sunday Magazine recently. In the United States, the question of the value of investing in higher education stems from the steep price of attending college, particularly “for the average American household that doesn’t receive a lot of financial aid.”

The Artisan Business Network Gearing Up for NY NOW

By Nara Meli

August is an exciting time for Haitian foundation the Artisan Business Network (ABN). This is because from the 16th through the 20th, ABN’s production team will head up to New York City to take part in the NY NOW market for home, lifestyle and gift. You may recall that MIF is partnering with the ABNwhich assists Haitian artisans in improving their business skills, production processes and marketing, through a value chain approach

Bubbling up: Boosting the Haitian sorghum value chain through local sourcing

By Nara Meli

Photo by  Papyrus Haiti

If you were to ask any Haitian whether they’d heard of Malta H, you’d probably get a laugh and a friendly eye roll as answer. This is because Malta H is a hugely popular non-alcoholic carbonated malt drink most Haitians have probably quenched their thirst with since childhood. You can see the national enthusiasm for the drink in this TV ad. It even has a Twitter handle. Malta H is one of the bevy of drinks produced by Heineken-owned BRANA – the Brasserie nationale d’Haïti. 

Strengthening the cocoa value chain in Haiti: Spotlight on our partners

By Nara Meli

Cocoa is an up-and-coming agricultural product in Haiti. In November of last year, we wrote about a new project the MIF started in the two main cocoa-growing regions in Haiti - the Grande Anse and the North department. 7,000 small cocoa farmers will raise their incomes by 25% by improving their growing practices, increasing yields per acre and cocoa quality, as well as transitioning to higher-value and quality beans. 


Digital TV: Investing in an innovative solution for accessing information in Haiti

By Nara Meli

When one thinks about Haiti, digital television may not be the first thing that jumps to mind. How would it work? And who could afford it? The entrepreneurs at NUtv, Haiti’s first and leading prepaid digital television service, began working on a solution two years ago. Their objective: grow the network to areas without access to television programs, keep prices affordable, and make the service accessible to a large number of people.