Social enterprise in Asia and Latin America: Comparing and finding common ground

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By Heloise Buckland, associate consultant Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo (ECODES) 
As part of the MIF’s ambitious comparative study of social entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems between six countries in Asia and five in Latin America, two research teams – from FRI: Fujitsu Research Institute/JRI: Japan Research Institute and ECODES: Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo - met recently to start comparing notes.   At this early stage of the study the overarching insight is there is no single recipe for success and there is a huge diversity of approaches across the board.

Equality means business: IDBG commits to promote gender equal companies in LAC

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If a CEO had the opportunity to implement a simple strategy to increase return on equity (ROE) by 44% do you think she or he would do it? A study of 345 Latin American firms in six countries done by McKinsey and Company found that the ROE for firms with one or more women in their executive committees was 44% higher than those without women.

 This week, IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno, addressing an audience of CEOs and corporate leaders from across the globe in the United Nations General Assembly, announced that the Inter-American Development Bank Group, through the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) and Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), the UN Global Compact, and UN Women will develop a 
gender equality diagnostic tool that will allow companies to benchmark themselves against their peers based on the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). The WEPs have been signed by 1,187 CEOs and leaders of the private sector around the globe. The partnership to develop the tool also includes the Coca-Cola Company, Itaipu Binacional, the government of Germany, and the government of Japan.

Harvesting dreams and realities

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"We are 84 women who belong to the Asociación de Mujeres Vida Nueva de Tonacatepeque –AMUVINT-(Association of Women New Life of Tonacatepeque) that was created seven years ago, initially to emphasize the rights of women and work towards gender equality. Now it turned into our work through which we have been able to earn an income to contribute to our household, improve our quality of life and that of our families," says Nely Ruano, wife and mother of two, who lives in the rural area of Canton - Veracruz, municipality of Tonacatepeque, department of San Salvador. She joined the first group that started the Association. 

Dreams, intuitions and strategy: A young entrepreneur’s story

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At 13 years old, Jhon had a long chat with an old man in his town. The old man told him about ages. He told him there are special ages, at which things change and our personal paths transform. The conversation left an impression on him. At 13, Jhon had no idea what he wanted to be when he grew up. Reflecting on this interaction with the old man, however, he decided he was going to keep age in mind, and plan for the important phases of his life. So Jhon decided at 13 years old, and almost arbitrarily, that at 27 he was going to start something. But what?

Innovación, tecnología e inclusión, ¡Kingo encendiendo vidas!

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En enero de 2014, el Comité de Donantes del FOMIN aprobó el proyecto “Quetsol Energía Solar Prepaga para la Base de la Pirámide en Guatemala” ATN/ME-14292-GU. El proyecto buscó mejorar el diseño y llevar a validación comercial piloto un modelo de negocios que permitiera llevar luz eléctrica solar pre pagada a hogares situados en las áreas más pobres de los departamentos de Petén y Alta Verapaz en Guatemala, Centroamérica.