20 Years of Innovation in the Private Sector

Innovation means to take risks. To pioneer, and to fail. To experiment, and to scale. 20 years ago, the Multilateral Investment Fund, or MIF, was established as a laboratory of development for private sector innovation to drive economic growth and reduce poverty across Latin America and the Caribbean.

The MIF invites you to celebrate with us by hearing our most exciting stories, learning about our impact, and sharing your thoughts on what still needs to change for Latin America and the Caribbean to flourish.



The MIF’s clients include low-income and vulnerable populations and their small businesses, small farms, and households. Dynamic entrepreneurs and start-ups are also part of the MIF’s work. Here are some of their stories:

Over the coming years, the MIF will continue to support start-ups, help increase productivity in small firms and farms, and broaden the range of financial products for poor people. We will also work to improve access to basic services such as water and education, and promote green technologies.

We want to keep making a difference by empowering our clients to succeed.