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«febrero de 2018»á.do.

Innovative weather index insurance help small growers in Paraguay mitigate climate risk

Map of Paraguay showing estimated values of the index on January 28, 2018. Areas with green colors indicate wetter soils while yellow to red colors indicate regions where crops are subjected to some degree of water stress.
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Creating sustainable agribusiness for St Lucia

The island of St. Lucia, located in the Windward island chain of the Caribbean, has traditionally depended heavily on bananas production as a driver of exports and GDP. However, the combination of loss of access to preferential EU markets and an accelerated impact of climate change, specifically increased temperatures and changes in rainfall patterns, has resulted in a significant decline in the island’s agricultural sector and fish catch, negatively impacting both livelihoods of rural populations and heightening exposure to food security issues. To enhance the productivity and sustainability of livelihoods in local agro production, particularly in the context of climate change, two parallel but inter-related changes are needed.
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¡Startup Fintech sé parte del mayor estudio de la industria Fintech en América Latina!

En mayo de 2017 el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) y Finnovista publicamos el informe Fintech: Innovaciones que no sabías que eran de América Latina y el Caribe, donde identificamos a 703 emprendimientos Fintech en 15 países latinoamericanos y presentamos importantes descubrimientos sobre estado actual del sector en la región.
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Jardinería de Coral: Transformando vidas dentro y fuera del mar

Mucho se ha hablado de la Jardinería de Coral (JdC)  y sus beneficios para la conservación del ecosistema marino costero, sin embargo poco se ha dicho de los efectos positivos que tienen las actividades de conservación en las comunidades aledañas a las zonas que poseen estos atributos naturales.
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IDB-backed fund creates tangible social impact in Latin America and the Caribbean

By investing across 13 countries in MFIs reaching 400,000 micro-entrepreneurs – mostly female and rural clients – MiGroF made a significant contribution to the supply of finance and the expansion of credit to small- and medium-sized enterprises in the Latin and Central American region from 2010-2017. At its peak, the Fund reached 43 MFIs of all sizes, and invested in middle and lower income countries, providing senior loans in as many as 10 currencies.
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