A lack of angel investors and the loneliness of the entrepreneur, key issues on Latin America’s VC ecosystem

A lack of angel investors is one of the key issues in Latin America today, because entrepreneurs are not going to be successful if they don’t have the initial financial and value-add support they need to convert their ideas into start-ups. It is very important for a country to have angel investors willing to take on risk, to know how much they can allocate –and be willing to lose—in these start-ups every year. Angel networks in Latin America have had difficulty becoming really active for several reasons.
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ColCapital: Consolidación de la industria de fondos de capital en Colombia

El FOMIN y Bancoldex  apoyaron a 26 gestores de fondos de capital privado para crear la Asociación Colombiana de Fondos de Capital Privado ColCapital [vea cobertura en La Nota EconomicaEl TiempoEl EspectadorLa Prensa y Mercado de Dinero]. Esta asociación tiene como objetivo consolidar y desarrollar la industria de capital emprendedor,  así como ayudar a fomentar la participación de inversionistas locales e internacionales. Como dice Pilar González, la directora del gremio, es además una oportunidad de lograr una mejor adopción de estándares y prácticas en la industria. 

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Small Islands, Big Impact: Socially-Motivated Investing in the Caribbean Gets Underway

The MIF is counting down to Foromic 2012. Foromic has long been the leading conference on microfinance and microenterprise in Latin America and the Caribbean, but in recent years its focus has broadened and now includes small and medium enterprise finance, financial products for poor and unbanked populations, and impact investment. This year, Foromic has a special island flavour, as it is being held for the first time in an English-speaking Caribbean country, Barbados. We see this as an excellent opportunity to showcase our work in the Caribbean - both in supporting access to finance in general, and specifically our initiatives to promote impact investing in the region.

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