Los 10 posts más populares sobre el desarrollo del sector privado en 2012

Para cerrar el 2012, me gustaría compartir con ustedes algunos posts destacados del nuevo blog del FOMIN que lanzamos en Mayo. Comenzamos el blog con el objetivo de abrir una conversación entre los expertos del FOMIN y todos los interesados en encontrar soluciones innovadoras que apoyen el desarrollo de pequeñas empresas, agricultores, y emprendedores en América Latina y el Caribe.

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TOP 10 posts on private sector development in 2012

Just before the year comes to an end, I would like to share with you some highlights from the new MIF blog, launched in May. We have started this blog to open a conversation between MIF experts and all others interested in finding innovative solutions to support the development of small businesses, farmers, and entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Can Public Private Partnerships work in Haiti?


In Port-au-Prince on July 27, the MIF sponsored a seminar on public-private partnerships (PPPs) with officials from the Haitian Ministry of Finance and other government agencies. Based on our discussions with the government and other stakeholders in Haiti, we at the MIF believe that the private sector can and should play a major role in fostering economic growth and reducing poverty in Haiti. In areas as diverse as tourism, coffee and mango farming, and venture capital, the Haitian public and private sectors are already collaborating with the MIF to stimulate job creation and business growth. PPPs offer powerful models through which the private sector can engage in economic development in Haiti. 

Is Haiti ready and able to implement PPPs? 
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El FOMIN y el Sector de Infraestructura y Medio Ambiente del BID lanzan Programa Regional de Servicios de Asesoría

Programa se enfocará en países pequeños y menos desarrollados y en proyectos con beneficios ambientales y sociales

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A critical time to support infrastructure development


On June 26, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao concluded his tour of Latin America by offering a US$10 billion loan program for infrastructure projects in the region. A commitment of this size will undoubtedly have wide ranging benefits for productivity and growth, although when one compares the size of the pledge to the region’s estimated $200 to $250 billion infrastructure gap, it’s clear that even more needs to be done to meet peoples’ needs.  
One way to fill the gap is through public-private partnerships or “PPPs,” long-term contracts between a public-sector body and a private-sector entity for the design, construction operation and maintenance of public infrastructure.
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