Haiti: Come in and have some coffee


Welcome to the Multilateral Investment Fund's Haiti Blog. We are glad that you stopped by to visit us! We will be bringing you stories about MIF projects in Haiti, and keep you posted on what is happening around the topic of Haiti in the field, the news and blogosphere. The idea is to raise awareness of the great things we are doing in the country.
For instance, did you know that until two decades ago, coffee was Haiti’s principal farm export, representing as much as 70 percent of its foreign agricultural sales? 
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El FOMIN y el Sector de Infraestructura y Medio Ambiente del BID lanzan Programa Regional de Servicios de Asesoría

Programa se enfocará en países pequeños y menos desarrollados y en proyectos con beneficios ambientales y sociales

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A critical time to support infrastructure development


On June 26, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao concluded his tour of Latin America by offering a US$10 billion loan program for infrastructure projects in the region. A commitment of this size will undoubtedly have wide ranging benefits for productivity and growth, although when one compares the size of the pledge to the region’s estimated $200 to $250 billion infrastructure gap, it’s clear that even more needs to be done to meet peoples’ needs.  
One way to fill the gap is through public-private partnerships or “PPPs,” long-term contracts between a public-sector body and a private-sector entity for the design, construction operation and maintenance of public infrastructure.
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¿Qué es lo “micro” en las microfranquicias?


Desde la publicación del libro “Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered” de E. F. Schumacher, el enfoque “micro” en el campo de desarrollo económico se fue consolidando como un eje central para las distintas entidades en el sector. De manera similar al microcrédito, las microfranquicias parten de un concepto mayor (las franquicias) pero adaptan el mismo para incluir a personas pobres y de escasos recursos, generando con ello un instrumento aplicado de desarrollo social y económico.

Podemos afirmar que las microfranquicias se diferencian de las franquicias principalmente en dos aspectos.
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Asian Development Bank brings Infrascope to the Asia-Pacific region

The Infrascope, an interactive index and learning tool developed by the MIF and the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), evaluates the readiness and capacity of 19 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to implement  public-private partnership (PPP)  projects in the transport, water and sanitation and electricity sectors. Now, it has crossed the Pacific. 

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