¿Dónde hay un mango, venture capital?

Un interesante artículo por Camila Fronzo discute la incertidumbre de Argentina y el por qué gestores de fondos, así como emprededores locales sedientos de capital, salen al exterior en busca de nuevos socios y financiamiento. 

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FOMIN y las mujeres más talentosas de México

Claudia Ludlow y Maria Fernanda Ramírez, de Angel Ventures Mexico, un fondo de capital semilla en que el FOMIN invirtió en Noviembre 2011, comparten su experiencia durante un encuentro entre la gerente general del FOMIN, Nancy Lee, y diez de las emprendedoras más exitosas de México. 

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Can small businesses help conserve biodiversity?

By Jennifer Baldwin

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is a biodiversity “superpower” according to a recent report from the United Nations. From tropical rainforests to coral reefs, to high-altitude plains to vast savannas, this region contains a variety of unique ecosystems that support a stunning diversity of flora and fauna. Many small producers and businesses in the region are dependent upon this endowment of natural capital for their livelihoods. But growing natural resource consumption and infrastructure expansion threatens these ecosystems and their inhabitants.

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A lack of angel investors and the loneliness of the entrepreneur, key issues on Latin America’s VC ecosystem

A lack of angel investors is one of the key issues in Latin America today, because entrepreneurs are not going to be successful if they don’t have the initial financial and value-add support they need to convert their ideas into start-ups. It is very important for a country to have angel investors willing to take on risk, to know how much they can allocate –and be willing to lose—in these start-ups every year. Angel networks in Latin America have had difficulty becoming really active for several reasons.
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Microfranchising at FOROMIC 2012

Guest post by Barri Shorey, Youth & Livelihoods Technical Advisor, The International Rescue Committee

More and more people are beginning to recognize the great potential for job creation, private sector development and support to vulnerable populations microfranchise has. With that in mind I was asked to help moderate and contribute to this year’s Foromic panel titled Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Microfranchising. The microfranchise model enables low-income individuals to own and operate a ready-made “business-in-a-box,” utilizing proven strategies and an established brand from a corporate, franchise partner. 

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