Microfranchises: How to get buy in?

 This post was prepared by Jason Fairbourne, of Fairbourne Consulting who are supporting the MIF's microfranchising project in Jamaica. In this post he shares their experiences with the project.

We at Fairbourne Consulting recently completed our third trip to the beautiful Caribbean nation of Jamaica the first week of February. We were hired to analyze the Kingston, Jamaica market and create sustainable microfranchises for 100 at-risk youth in poor inner-city communities.
In the weeks leading up to this on-site visit we had detected the private sector partners were beginning to lose momentum. We determined the problem was that we had reached a point in the project where the real commitment began and we had little personal time with them. It is one thing for a company to entertain the idea of increasing profits through market expansion by utilizing the vastly undervalued workforce that exists at the BoP, after all more profits sounds great and helping inner-city youth is a good story. However, it becomes real when these potential microfranchisors are asked to commit time and resources to build out a program requiring them to take on the risk of purchasing assets (vendor carts, bicycles, etc.), possibly hiring additional staff, and essentially taking a step into the unknown.
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