From Haiti to Whole Foods

This photo story shows how the Mangos being sold at Whole Foods in the US are being harvested and processed by Haitian farmers. Join us on this trip: 

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Remittances and solar energy: a bright future for a unique partnership

When the sun goes down in Haiti, one thing becomes evident: No lights are switched on. Only about one in six Haitians has regular access to electricity. That means that for about 8.5 million Haitians, life at home goes dark at 7 o’clock in the evening and there is no light again until 6 a.m. when the sun comes up in the morning. In fact, a street vendor who sells daily necessities told me that candles are one of his most popular products. Last week, I traveled to Haiti to learn about the results of a MIF funded project designed to bring clean energy to poor households in the country. It does so in an innovative way. 

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Tourism in Haiti (Part II): One of the Challenges of Integrated Approaches

Last week, I wrote about what tourism is and has been like in Haiti. Today, I want to tell you about what the MIF is doing on the topic. In 2011, the MIF approved a three-year project aimed at positioning the North Department as Haiti’s prime tourism destination. The idea was to use an integrated approach to promote tourism based on the historical and cultural attractions unique to Haiti, involving stakeholders from the public and private sectors. The project would particularly organize and facilitate the management of the tourism destination with the participation of rural and urban micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, local and national government and other actors along the value chain. 

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Haiti Pap Peri!

It means Haiti will not perish. And it marked the end of a presentation of the “Triennial Agriculture Recovery Plan 2013-2016” by Haiti’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARNDR), Thomas Jacques and his cabinet. The presentation was held at USAID headquarters in Washington, DC.  on March 4, and was attended by NGOs, multi-laterals (World Bank and IADB), and other donors.

One overall objective governs this three-year strategy: sustainable job creation

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Tourism in Haiti? Yes, tourism in Haiti! (Part I)

There has been a lot of buzz in the media lately about Haiti as a tourist destination – such as here and here. The push for this is coming mainly from the country, where the Martelly administration is embarking on a mission to raise the profile and branding of the country, and reinstate it as a unique destination in the region. More on this here. After all, Haiti used to be known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean.”

I was curious to learn more about the historical trends for tourism in Haiti, so I did a bit of research. 

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