De 32 a 60 plátanos: cómo innovar 'desde abajo' en el cultivo del plátano

¿Cómo se puede implantar la innovación en sectores como la agricultura? Especialmente ¿Cómo pueden los pequeños productores, como los que cultivan plátanos, aprovechar las soluciones tecnológicas que incrementan la producción, y  permiten adaptar sus cultivos a nuevas plagas y el clima cambiante?. En el FOMIN, buscamos encontrar estas soluciones, y asegurarnos que los  pequeños agricultores se puedan beneficiar de ellas, y que sean industrias locales que forman parte de esta cadena de producción.
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Seeking common ground on evaluating impact

“However beautiful the Strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." – Winston Churchill

Our MIF team – General Manager Nancy Lee, Claudia Gutierrez, Tetsuro Narita and me – recently spent two days with development experts and academics discussing and debating the importance of impact evaluation on Financial Inclusion programs. The retreat, co-sponsored by CGAP and DFID, was held in the shadow of Buckingham Palace at DFID’s offices, and included about 60 experts from development banks (ADB, CDC, DFID, MIF, EBRD, EIB, FMO, IFC...), foundations (Citi, Mastercard and Ford) and well-known scholars from IPA, Harvard and other institutions. The meeting was the brainchild of Alexia Latortue from CGAP, who saw a need to get a common understanding among funders and donors of the best evaluation methods, and also to spend time creating a “new impact narrative for Access to Finance.”

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Financial Inclusion and Empowerment: MIF at the MasterCard Public Sector Payments Forum

Microfinance has experienced continuous growth in Latin America and the Caribbean over the last 10 years. Nearly 15 million clients receive microcredits totaling nearly US$ 19 billion, as the latest MIF research shows. But as microfinance has grown, there’s evidence that there’s room for other financial services to grow. Innovative savings products have the potential to empower low-income population to become more financially independent, and take part in the financial system.

At the 2013 MasterCard Public Sector Payments Forum held this week in DC, the MIF was asked to present our learnings in financial inclusion and empowerment. I presented some recommendations on how to empower underbanked and unbanked clients, which I would also like to share with you here.

En españolInclusión financiera y empoderamiento

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Investment for Haiti

Yesterday, I was lucky to attend a roundtable discussion at the Council of the Americas with Haitian Ambassador Paul Altidor. I thought he brought in an interesting example of putting words into action, so I wanted to share it with you. Now, at the time of the third anniversary of the earthquake, the media is flooded with so-called “reports” about the situation on the ground in Haiti. Mostas you know, are bleak. So, what is the problem here? According to Ambassador Altidor, one of Haiti’s principal challenges is exactly this: Perception. 

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Un modelo de microfranquicia que funciona en Brasil (Parte II)

Por María Chan

 En un post anterior analizamos los siguientes aspectos de la microfranquicia de purificadores de agua Purific: (i) el producto ofrecido y el mercado al que se dirige, (ii) la evolución del modelo de negocio desde su inicio en 1998, y (iii) el funcionamiento del modelo de su microfranquicia. Para continuar ahondando nuestros conocimientos sobre su modelo, en este post procedemos a analizar y a presentarles los siguientes aspectos claves de la microfranquicia Purific: 

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