4 ways to move forward with handicrafts in Haiti

Back in June, we gave you a taste of what MIF was cooking in the artisan sector in Haiti. Six months ago, we were in the very early stages of defining what it is we wanted to do in the project. Since then, we worked hard, in consultation with the Artisan Business Network, a team of high-level consultants, and feedback from the artisans themselves, to build an initiative that would have an impact on artisans’ incomes and improve their links to the value chain. So, what is the main problem Haitian artisans face?

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Haiti: Making a Living from Creativity / La creatividad como un medio de vida


Is it possible to make a living from creativity? According to renowned designer Donna Karan, it is. In fact, as she says, Haiti is one of the most creative countries she has ever visited. However, for a country to succeed, it is critical to generate opportunities for creativity that will translate into positive economic and financial results. This has been one of Karan’s objectives in Haiti, where she has invested time and money on a project whose purpose is to provide both design guidance and access to higher value markets to artisans in Port-au-Prince, Leogane and Jacmel.

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