The Progress Out of Poverty Index: A solution to measure poverty reduction?

Measuring poverty is a challenge in itself; just defining the word “poverty” could be subject to hours of debate in any international development organization. Let’s imagine that we want to “simplify” things, so we define poor as having an income level of less than $2 a day. Then, the task becomes how to estimate how much the people in a given community or group earn daily, since in general poor people have various and very unstable sources of income. So to learn more about their poverty levels, you have to ask them many questions, starting with where they live, how they live, what they do as a principal activity, as a secondary activity, as a temporary job, how many children they have, whether they receive remittances, if they borrow money... and so on and so forth. Imagine how difficult is to ask all of these questions, and even worse, how difficult it would be to answer them.
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