Different traditions meet in Haitian health care

Where do you go if you get sick? Do you call your doctor? Does someone drive you to the emergency room? Is it far? Can you afford it? Does the hospital have the medicine that you need?

What would your life look like if you had limited access to health services?

If you were Haitian, in all likelihood, you would call on the houngan or mambo (male/female voodoo priest), and he/she would perform some “spiritual power” to cure you – 90% of the population, rich or poor, practices Voodoo and believes in its healing powers. Many will go to their priest before seeing a doctor. Failing the voodoo remedy, if you live around Port-au-Prince, you would climb aboard a tap-tap – a local bus – and head over to the Hôpital de l’Université d’Etat, or Hôpital Général, the main public hospital.  

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