Growth in women’s businesses: the role of finance

Nancy Lee is the General Manager of the MIF. This blog has been prepared for the CGAP blog. It is also part of a series discussing some of the key issues on the agenda at XVI Foromic taking place in Guadalajara, Mexico from September 30 to October 2.

The time is ripe for a wider discussion on gender and finance: evidence of the gains from economic empowerment of women is mounting rapidly - households, firms, farms, communities, and whole economies perform significantly better when women have opportunities to raise their productivity.  It is practically tautological that growth will accelerate when half the population is more productive.  The fundamental question at this point is: what factors are holding women back?  It is surprising that we have so few empirically well-grounded answers. 

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Taking a closer look at women’s entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Caribbean

Which countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have the most supportive environments for women seeking to start and grow their businesses? On Thursday, July 25, the MIF is excited to be launching the Women’s Entrepreneurial Venture Scope (WEVentureScope)— the first comprehensive assessment of the environment for female entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean created in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit. This is the first benchmarking study that assesses the factors affecting women entrepreneurs operating micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the region.

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