Los 10 posts más populares sobre el desarrollo del sector privado en 2012

Para cerrar el 2012, me gustaría compartir con ustedes algunos posts destacados del nuevo blog del FOMIN que lanzamos en Mayo. Comenzamos el blog con el objetivo de abrir una conversación entre los expertos del FOMIN y todos los interesados en encontrar soluciones innovadoras que apoyen el desarrollo de pequeñas empresas, agricultores, y emprendedores en América Latina y el Caribe.

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Love, rivalry, drama... and how to make a budget? Telenovelas as a source of financial education

Will Vicky be able to make more money now that her husband has left his job? Will Miriam be able to fulfill her dream of owning her own house? What about Vicky’s pregnant teenage sister? How will a new baby affect the household? And who, after all, is the “man” in Cambodia?  These and other questions captivated a full house at the Foromic panel on using non-traditional media techniques for training. Non-traditional it was, with discussions of telenovelas (soap operas) and reality TV shows, HIV-AIDS, financial literacy and savings accounts, child trafficking and women’s and men’s household roles. This panel proved how financial, academic, and health institutions are using soaps for more than daytime dithering. In fact, some of the LAC region’s leading microfinance organizations are proving that combining such seemingly frivolous fare with important messages can be an effective and sustainable vehicle for providing training and achieving behavioral changes. 

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