The MIF in Jamaica: Small businesses, small country, small projects... large impact

The MIF in Jamaica: Small businesses, small country, small projects... large impact

Three years ago, I and my MIF colleagues who focus on Jamaica made a deliberate decision to target access to finance for Jamaican SMEs--a critical area of need in the country, and one in which we could make a difference. Today, the MIF portfolio in Jamaica includes a group of mutually reinforcing projects that offer support to small and medium firms through a range of models. I recently attended the 2015 Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) Conference in Kingston, which got me reflecting on the progress we’ve made with this targeted approach. 
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Building up biz in the Caribbean: investigating demand for microcredit

Building up biz in the Caribbean: investigating demand for microcredit

Despite efforts from microfinance practitioners and donors to develop microfinance in the Caribbean, uptake of formal microcredit has lagged behind expectations in some cases. Meanwhile, anecdotal evidence indicates that many microentrepreneurs continue to use informal financing alternatives, such as rotating savings and credit associations (ROSCAs), moneylenders, and supplier credit. This raises important questions about the potential for microfinance in the Caribbean. Why do some microentrepreneurs still turn to informal mechanisms instead of formal microcredit to finance their business? What characteristics of financing are most important to Caribbean microentrepreneurs? 
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Recognizing excellence in Caribbean microfinance

A Microfinance Start-up Becomes Front-runner, Client Protection, and ‘Very, Very Good Sauce’

On the evening of October 31, 2013, microfinance stakeholders from around the Caribbean gathered at the Courtleigh Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica to participate in the second annual Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards for the Caribbean, sponsored by Citi Foundation and the Multilateral Investment Fund under the auspices of the Caribbean Microfinance Capacity-Building Project II. The Excellence in Microentrepreneurship in Suriname award was presented to Mr. Jurgen Boodie, owner of Restaurant JiJi’s, the Excellence in Microfinance Product Innovation award was won by Access Financial Services in Jamaica, and La Inmaculada Credit Union in Belize emerged as the winner of the Excellence in Microfinance Transparency award. As a few of the speakers noted, there is something special about gathering microfinance stakeholders in one place and recognizing the accomplishments of the best.

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Greening the blue seas of Barbados

I had always heard about how clear and vibrant the Caribbean waters are, but until I came to Barbados this week I never had a chance to see for myself. Everything they say is true! I could spend hours staring out at the different shades of turquoise, sapphire and lapis—and hope to once my conference duties end...

The beautiful Caribbean is also the lifeblood of Barbados and its sister islands. The local economy depends on tourists coming to swim, surf, sail and dive. Fishermen set out early every morning to catch the fish that will feed not only hungry tourists, but also their own neighbors and families. If these islands are to continue to thrive, the sea must stay healthy.

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Small Islands, Big Impact: Socially-Motivated Investing in the Caribbean Gets Underway

The MIF is counting down to Foromic 2012. Foromic has long been the leading conference on microfinance and microenterprise in Latin America and the Caribbean, but in recent years its focus has broadened and now includes small and medium enterprise finance, financial products for poor and unbanked populations, and impact investment. This year, Foromic has a special island flavour, as it is being held for the first time in an English-speaking Caribbean country, Barbados. We see this as an excellent opportunity to showcase our work in the Caribbean - both in supporting access to finance in general, and specifically our initiatives to promote impact investing in the region.

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