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Capital Natural y la producción verde de Rio+20

Por Lorena Mejicanos Rios

El sábado 16 de junio aterricé en el aeropuerto Antonio Carlos Jobim, o más conocido como Galeao, y fui acogida por el calor e ingenio que distingue a los brasileños. Al salir de aduana, nos recibió una "floresta" colorida y diversa, animada con sonidos de pájaros, corrientes de agua y viento, por la cual debíamos conducirnos. Este simulacro de "capital natural" universal fue elaborado con residuos de envases PET, y con uso de tecnología se logró darle movimiento y convertirla en la antesala ideal para ubicarnos en el tema central de Rio+20, el desarrollo sostenible, biodiversidad y preservación de los recursos naturales.

El tema del agua ha sido de relevancia en esta conferencia, al igual que la eficiencia del uso de recursos en general.

Welcome to AdaptAmericas

Por Steve Wilson

Welcome to AdaptAmericasa forum for the exchange of ideas, models and knowledge on climate adaptation for smaller enterprises and their local communities. By climate adaptation, we mean practical actions taken to protect private and public assets and local communities from the destructive impacts of climate change. Climate change is a serious threat to enterprises, but for those with the right business models and know-how, climate adaptation is a market opportunity.

This blog will share practical models and tools for improving climate resilience and identifying opportunities presented by climate adaptation, especially for micro, small and medium sized enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean and other developing regions.

Notes from Rio+20: The Green Economy

Por Ruben Doboin

On Sunday, I headed to the Forte de Copacabana for an event hosted by the World Resources Institute (WRI) about the “green economy.”  I heard their temporary installations were grand, but somehow all I saw was the inside of a windowless makeshift conference room. Thankfully, the event was very interesting. It was split into three sessions: the value of sustainability and unlocking next practices, green jobs and investments, and advances in the greenhouse gas protocols for businesses. I thought the first panel was the most relevant to the MIF’s work. Here are some things that stuck with me and that I thought I would share.

Notes from Rio+20: Caipirinhas and Jet Fuel

Por Ruben Doboin


When I arrived in Rio for the UN meetings on sustainability the  enthusiasm was about a flight scheduled for Tuesday, in which a new cane-derived jet fuel was going to be used in a flight from Campinas to Rio. All thanks to an innovative company called Amyris.

Rio+20: Dispatch from the ground

Por Gregory Watson


Having been in the ground now for two days at the 
Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the most interesting things I have heard so far in the sessions I have attended. I have been at the Corporate Sustainability Forum since Saturday. The forum, attended by nearly 2,500 people, is an event to discuss concrete private sector solutions to energy poverty and climate change.