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Get Up, Start Up: Local and global partners help launch young entrepreneurs in Jamaica

Por Winsome Leslie


Recently, I spent a few hours in a conference room with 60 young tech entrepreneurs in downtown Kingston.  Their excitement was palpable.  This was the final day of the Start-Up Jamaica boot camp, led by coaches from Oasis500, a Jordanian company that provides entrepreneurship training, business incubation, mentoring, and seed funding to help turn new tech ideas into startups.  Oasis500 is one of the key partners supporting Start-Up Jamaica, the first Jamaican accelerator focusing on technology.  This initiative is a unique public-private sector partnership, bringing together the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, the Jamaica National Building Society, LIME Jamaica (formerly Cable and Wireless), Oasis500, the National Commercial Bank of Jamaica, and Caribbean Export Development Agency. Start-Up Jamaica is an important step in providing support to fledgling companies, but it is also viewed by the partners as much more: a key part of positioning the country to be an entrepreneurship and innovation hub in the Caribbean.

A country is hit by the entrepreneurial bug and start-up culture

Por Susana Garcia-Robles


September 9th:  Arriving at my destination to speak at a Venture Capital conference sponsored by a local government agency.

September 10th and 12th: Attending the inauguration of the country’s Start-Up program and meeting the women behind that initiative and Startup Weekend. Listening to the manager of a prestigious private sector incubator. 

Is high-growth entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Caribbean driven by innovation?

Por Susana Garcia-Robles


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The Index of Systemic Conditions for Dynamic entrepreneurship, developed by PRODEM with the support of the MIF and led by Hugo Kantis, comes at a very timely moment, when conditions for increasing dynamic entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Caribbean have greatly improved. Today, we have a region that’s stronger in its economies and Venture Capital ecosystems. Poverty has decreased, the middle class has expanded. The region was resilient to the otherwise global great recession. This performance finally got the attention of overseas investors who began to flock to Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and, to a lesser extent, other countries. Governments are now aware of the need to move away from factor or efficiency driven economies to become innovation economies. The region’s growing young population has an appetite for innovation.

#4ST Prodem: Centroamérica apuesta por un ecosistema emprendedor más dinámico

Por Guest

Marta Cruz, gestora de la aceleradora NXTPLabs en la que el FOMIN invirtió USD5 millones en 2014.

Invitada por Hugo Kantis del  Programa de Desarrollo Emprendedor PRODEM, y el FOMIN, tuve el gran privilegio de ser testigo del impacto positivo que el 4ST de PRODEM tuvo en los aspirantes y los actores ya establecidos del ecosistema emprendedor en Centroamérica.

El Silicon Valley Latinoamericano

Por Rebeca Granda

Hugo Kantis y Susana García-Robles lanzan el índice de Condiciones Sistémicas para el Emprendimiento Dinámico- PRODEM en Santo Domingo, una herramienta que ayuda a identificar las principales fortalezas y debilidades de los países en materia de emprendimiento.