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WeXchange, the sequel

Por Susana Garcia-Robles

Almost three years ago, the MIF asked us to apply a “gender lens” to all of our operations. So our Early Stage Equity team brainstormed about how we could do this, and decided to take an entrepreneurial approach. First, we began contacting our colleagues and friends who had a role in building entrepreneurial ecosystems in the region. After many calls, a clear focus for our intervention emerged: women entrepreneurs’ need to strengthen and expand their networks, and to find women role models. 

WeXchange returns to Miami to promote women’s high-growth entrepreneurship

Por Susana Garcia-Robles

So much of the “conventional wisdom” about women entrepreneurs is just not true. Women do have a tolerance for risk. Women are highly motivated to start their own businesses. Women are starting businesses in high-tech fields. Women’s businesses are just as successful as men’s—under comparable conditions.

That’s an important caveat, because all too often, women don’t face the same conditions that men do. They have less access to smart capital. Their circles of advisers and investors are much smaller. They encounter social stigma about women’s roles related to that conventional wisdom I mentioned before.

WeXchange pitch competition goes into the second round

Por Georg Neumann

As it was last year, the pitch competition, organized with our partner NXTPLabs, will be the highlight of WeXchange, the premier forum for kickstarting women entrepreneurs who work in Latin America and the Caribbean. We’ve now reached the first milestone: From more than 70 applicants from 15 countries, we’ve selected a list of 12 semifinalists.

Here’s the list of these 12 dynamic women entrepreneurs and their startups.

WeXchange story competition: You inspired us!

Por Georg Neumann

Earlier this year, the WeXchange team invited women entrepreneurs to share stories from their own experiences launching businesses. Now we’re pleased to announce our favorite ones! These three women’s stories especially inspired us.

La evolución de la inversión de impacto: 6 señales de progreso

Por Guest


Por Elizabeth Nicoletti, Asociada Senior de Comunicaciones del BID Sector Privado. Este blog fue originalmente publicado en en inglés.

Read the english version on the Sustainable business blog.

Los expertos de América Latina y el Caribe se reunieron ayer en la Conferencia Anual FOROMIC en Guayaquil, Ecuador, para reflexionar sobre la evolución de la inversión de impacto. Según una encuesta por JP Morgan y el Global Impact Investing Network survey, la cartera actual de la inversión de impacto se estima en US$50 millones a nivel mundial y se espera que crezca en US$400 mil millones en los próximos cinco años.