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The MIF in Haiti: Five Years Post-Quake

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By the MIF Haiti Team

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti and its partners in an unprecedented way. We’re taking the opportunity reflect on the work the MIF has done in Haiti since that day, and looking ahead, we are thinking about how we can better respond to the country’s needs. The MIF has been active in Haiti since 1995 and there were a number of active projects at the time of the earthquake. We immediately provided support to our current partners, and then focused on contributing to rebuilding the Haitian economy as a whole. 


Innovación por sí sola no es suficiente - la importancia de las redes

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Este blog forma parte de la cobertura de la conferencia sobre Escalamiento del Emprendimiento Social Corporativo y fue originalmente publicado en inglés en Next Billion. Escrito por Carolina Tocalli, consultora de impacto social e innovación.

Durante la mañana de este Primer Congreso sobre Escalamiento del Emprendimiento Social Corporativo, el tema de las barreras a la hora de escalar fue el foco de discusión. El almuerzo de networking estimuló a los participantes a ir más allá de los impedimentos que atraviesan sus proyectos de escala,  siendo fue muy acertada la oferta de paneles y charlas de la tarde sobre la construcción de alianzas y redes.

Strengthening the cocoa value chain in Haiti: Spotlight on our partners

Por Nara Meli

Cocoa is an up-and-coming agricultural product in Haiti. In November of last year, we wrote about a new project the MIF started in the two main cocoa-growing regions in Haiti - the Grande Anse and the North department. 7,000 small cocoa farmers will raise their incomes by 25% by improving their growing practices, increasing yields per acre and cocoa quality, as well as transitioning to higher-value and quality beans.