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Empowering farmers in Nicaragua and Peru through technology

Por Guest


Access to modern technology remains an important barrier for farmers in our countries. Techno-Links, a project by the Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) and supported by the MIF and the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFTAD), organized a matching grant competition to identify business models that use technology to help improve productivity and output of small producers in Peru and Nicaragua. 

Ampliar la visión del ecosistema emprendedor: 4to Seminario-Taller del Prodem

Por Guest


Hay cambios veloces en el mundo de las empresas dinámicas: nuevas metodologías de apoyo, nuevas formas de financiamiento, nuevas políticas. Asimismo, un renovado  vocabulario está dando cuenta de los fenómenos: lean start up, canvas, crowdfunding, aceleración. América Latina forma parte de esta oleada, como lo observa también Jonathan Ortmans de la Kauffman Foundation en su blog. En este marco, la nueva edición del 4to Seminario-Taller para Profesionales del Ecosistema que tendrá lugar en Santo Domingo del 19 al 23 de mayo, será una cita clave para actualizar y reforzar conceptos y para el indispensable networking.

Latin American and Caribbean migrants are saving—but why not in a bank?

Por Rebecca Rouse


According to our new report on the economic situation and remittance behavior of Latin American and Caribbean migrants in the United States, 60% of migrants hold a bank account in the U.S. Banking rates among migrants appear to have steadily increased in the last decade; for example, in 2005, 29% of Mexican migrants in the United States held bank accounts, and in 2013, that number had grown to 54%. That is good news. Financial institutions are clearly making inroads within remittance sending communities, though it’s hard to point to one specific reason this is happening.

El caso de negocio de los microseguros

Por Shoshana Grossman-Crist


¿Es el microseguro rentable? ¿Cómo pueden las compañías de seguros  generar ganancias con los microseguros? Estas son preguntas importantes porque las iniciativas de microseguros deben demostrar que son comercialmente viables para que las aseguradoras entren al mercado.

Democratizing financing: Crowdfunding in Mexico

Por Georg Neumann

The great potential of crowdfunding in Mexico attracted more than 100 people to a recent launch event for the first detailed analysis of this emerging financing model for entrepreneurs, soon-to-be entrepreneurs, small businesses, artists such as filmmakers and musicians, and even people interested in social development. The premise of this kind of collective fundraising via online platforms is anything but modest: Democratize financing so that anyone with a great idea can implement it. Can it fulfill this promise?