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How the embedded education model can improve performance of loan officers

Por Guest

By María Jaramillo, Microfinance Opportunities (MFO) and Andrea Stiles, AVAL Consulting


Eduardo, a loan officer for Banco Solidario in Ecuador, has difficulty talking to potential clients about the microinsurance products that insurance companies offer to bank clients through the loan process. He is brief in his explanations as he fears clients could ask questions he would not know how to answer.

The importance of a client-based approach to designing products for remittance recipients in Paraguay

Por Rebecca Rouse

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When Paraguayan bank Banco Familiar (“Family Bank”) set out to design a savings product for its remittance clients in 2012, it did not expect that they would use the accounts to accumulate savings. In that year, the bank was handling nearly 54,000 remittance payments each month through its network of branch offices, and imagined the clients would use the new accounts to receive and then quickly spend their remittances. 

Financial inclusion in Paraguay: New mobile money regulation

Por Guest


The MIF supports inclusive mobile financial services via the mobile operators Tigo and Personal. In the context of these two projects we are sharing here the blog by our partner Mireya Almazan at GSMA about the developments in mobile money regulation in sobre Paraguay. 

The opportunity to increase financial access in Paraguay is massive. Paraguay has one of the lowest rates of banking penetration in Latin America: only 22% of adults in Paraguay have an account at a formal financial institution, on par with banking penetration rates in Haiti and Guatemala. Fortunately, policymakers and regulators in Paraguay are committed to the dual goals of financial stability and inclusion, and are taking important steps to realize the opportunity.

Las normas que favorecen al desarrollo de los mercados microfinancieros

Por Veronica Trujillo


En la última década, el mercado microfinanciero ha visto un enorme crecimiento a nivel regional llegando en América Latina a más de1.000 instituciones con una cartera de más de US$ 40 mil millones. Sin embargo, como indica el Microscopio Global, el entorno para las microfinanzas no es igual de favorable en los diferentes países.

Transparency in microfinance: How ratings can support the development of a market

Por Sergio Navajas

Over the last decade, the microfinance industry in Latin America and the Caribbean has grown dramatically. One of the important building blocks of this development has been the industry’s push for transparency, as provided by ratings. Ratings have been important to facilitating funding, particularly from international investors; for providing benchmarks for use by microfinance institutions (MFIs); and  for providing information to regulators and donors. This is why the MIF has been working with microfinance ratings since the late 1990s, and it has been a recurrent issue at our yearly industry event, Foromic. he MIF’s experience in microfinance ratings has recently been assessed by an independent consultant, here are some of the conclusions.