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Private sector finance for the communities most impacted by climate change

Por Carrie McKellogg


To date, many of the important discussions about climate change have focused on national level challenges - strengthening national government departments, building climate smart infrastructure, setting national GHG emissions targets - which are critical given the magnitude of the climate challenge. But here at the MIF we view climate change from the lens of our clients: small firms and farms, and poor and low income families. Our challenge is to translate global and national conversations to the individual communities by providing training and finance for clean and efficient energy, making communities more resilient and identifying new business opportunities. 

Clean technologies: Inspiring solutions for poor households

Por Carrie McKellogg

Last week’s Ashden Awards in London provided some inspiration and great insights into opportunities for new clean energy solutions for poor and low-income populations. What was most inspiring in each of the winning solutions is that clean energy was the beginning of a chain reaction that allowed communities to come together to solve other challenges in health, education, agriculture, and protecting the most vulnerable. 


Two recurrent topics among the winners and conference participants were clean cookstoves and residential solar power solutions, two issues very closely related to households and priorities for the work clean energy work of the Multilateral Investment Fund.