Traendo la estragia de bajo carbon a PYMES en Guyana

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To strengthen and create environmentally-sustainable businesses in the Rupununi.

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Medio ambiente, Turismo sostenible





Fecha Aprobación

mayo 02, 2012



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GY-M1021, ATN/ME-13229-GY

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FOMIN Contrapartida
Monto Desembolsado $1,102,868.60 $300,000.00
Por desembolsar $0.00 $148,925.00
TOTAL: $1,102,868.60 $448,925.00

Cronología de Eventos



To contribute to the Rupununi's economic development while preserving its ecosystem.


To strengthen and create environmentally-sustainable businesses in the Rupununi.


  • Baseline GHG, climate change, and economic assessment: The objective of this component establish baseline conditions and identify the specific areas for intervention that may grow community-based businesses through the opportunities presented by the global climate change agenda and the LCDS.
  • Facilitate a business, community, and government network for climate-responsive development in the Rupununi: The objective of this component is to facilitate networking and relationships between the owners and users of the natural resources and ecosystem services within the Rupununi, developing joint responsibilities and ooportunities for sharing costs, including for marketing and branding.
  • Selection and implementation of specific interventions: The objective of this component is to enhance the value of products and services offered by targeted CBEs, and to develop and deploy effective low carbon, climate resilient business models in both agriculture and tourism.
  • Establishment and Implementation of the Rupununi Innovation Revolving Fund: The objective of this component is to grow low-carbon enterprises by establishing a loan fund that can be seeded by local and international investors. By financing these enterprises, this Fund will promote synergies between low-carbon development, maintenance of ecosystems and good business practice.
  • Securing Stakeholder Participation through Outreach, Monitoring and Evaluation of Results: The objective of this component is to secure and maintain beneficiaries' involvement throughout the project's lifetime, monitor project results and assess reach and extent of the project's social and environmental impacts.

Specific activities to be carried out include: (a) facilitating participatory mapping of resource use and economic activities in the tourism and agriculture sector in the Rupununi; (b) assessing GHG emissions from various future development scenarios in the Rupununi; (c) conducting a value chain analysis of Rupununi tourism sector to dientify actions for greater value to be reatined locally; (d) engaging communities in describing key agricultural commodity chains essential for sustaining climate-resilient traditional lifestyles and sustainable agro-ecological development; and (e) assessing the climate vulnerability of, and design adaptation actions for key agricultural commodity chains and the community tourism sector in the Rupununi.
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1.1. Economic baseline and tracking methodologies completed.

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1.2. Stakeholders analyzed and mapped.

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1.3. Analysis of Rupununi agricultural supply and demand.

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1.4. Selection and categorization of targeted communities, enterprises, and products.

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1.5. Options for mainstreaming climate change mitigation and adaptation action in the Rupununi community-based enterprises identified, described, and agreed upon by stakeholders.

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This component will include activities such as the facilitation of stakeholder business forums on Rupununi Development to catalyze networking and collaboration towards integrated managment of the Rupununi; and establishment of a Rupununi Community Tourism syndicate for purpose-packaging, marketing and possible branding.
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2.1. A Rupununi Community Tourism Syndicate is operational.

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2.2. Community based organizations selling to formal private enterprises

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Activities to accomplish this objective include: development of business plans that strenthen the feedback loop between ecosystem services, natural resourc value and enterprise value; support to the development of dissemination materials that feature adn highlight the value of community-based tourism and conservation as an important component of Guyana's LCDS; development of linkages between local agricultural production and tourist industry needs; development of plans to optimize agricultural production; preparation of LCDS-responsive business plans for two selected community agriculture products; support to local indigenous training institutions to provide capacity building in targeted areas; development of marketing materials for international audiences that market the Rupununi; and development and maintainance of existing linkages with international partners that can assist in marketing the Rupununi to niche tourist markets.
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3.1. Business Plans developed for market-ready tourism community-based MSMEs

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3.2. Rupununi community agriculture blueprint developed

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3.3. Market readiness plans developed for other tourism MSMEs

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3.4. Detailed business plans developed for agricultural community-based enterprises

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3.5. Market-ready MSMEs have implemented at least 50% of their business plans

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3.6. Participating MSMEs received business management and product development training appropriate to their market readiness

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Administrative arrangements with a local financial institution (GBTI) will be developed for fund management and a lending portfolio will be developed and the possibility to establish specific modalities for lending to women clients will be explored. The fund will be established in close collaboation between GBTI and Verde Ventures, in order to meet best practices in green investment, defined by the investment guidelines of Verde Ventures. Activities to achievement the objectives of this component include: engaging with the local financial and banking sectors to imrpove acces to capital by addressing risk and capacity constraints; establishing a loan fund structure that is attractive to the local financial sector and to initiatives such as Verde Ventures; development of credit manuals to analyse financing request from project beneficiaries.
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4.1. At least 6 enterprises access finance from either the innovation fund of component 4 or commercial funds

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4.2. Fund agreement established with local financial institution

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Activities to meet this objective will include: establishment of a Project Steering Committee in charge of coordinating and supervising outreach, monitoring and evaluation activities; creation of an engagement plan to target strategic stakeholders; monitoring of project results; and design and contracting of external experts to conduct an ex-post impact evaluation.
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5.1. Environmental, social, and economic impact indicator matrix developed

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5.2. Environmental impact assessment completed (including biodiversity, ecosystem services, conservation).

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