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In Latin America and the Caribbean there is a potential market of 400 million people, of which only about 45 million have access to microinsurance. A majority of these have life insurance, while very few have health, property or agricultural insurance. This means that there is a significant gap in both product development and supply of new products such as health, agriculture, and property microinsurance.


The MIF aims to increase the number of providers that offer, in a sustainable manner, microinsurance products tailored for low-income populations in the region.

MIF Solutions:

  • Agricultural parametric insurance products, targeting small producers.
  • Catastrophic microinsurance vehicles that help with climate change adaptation.
  • Health insurance products tailor-made for low-income populations.
  • Insurance for microentrepreneurs to protect their assets and working tools against theft, flooding, etc.,
  • Long- term voluntary life insurance policies targeting low-income households.

Results and Impact:

  • A large increase in the numbers of people with affordable and sustainable risk management tools, such as microinsurance and targeted savings;
  • Introduction of new distribution channels (kiosks, etc);
  • A number of countries with regulatory roadmaps for microinsurance and favorable environments for the development of microinsurance;
  • A considerable number of people in the region trained in risk management and insurance products;
  • A sustainable microinsurance market as a result of new distribution channels and partnerships among insurance companies;
  • Poor and low-income households with decreased vulnerability to risks (climate, health, crime, etc), as a result of increased uptake of micro-insurance products.




EMERGING INSIGHTS: Short innovation and practice-based lessons

PROJECT LESSONS: Accounts of the experiences and lessons learned from microinsurance projects


Microinsurance in Latin
America and the Caribbean


Enabling the Poor in Latin American to Plan for the Future through Greater Access to Microinsurance.

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Microinsurance Paper, September 2014: Breaking the ICE in Latin America: The role of insurance associations in insurance consumer education

Foromic 2013: Microinsurance Learning Sessions: Latin America and the Caribbean, 29 September. Presentations and recording

Workshop Report: Regional Workshop for Supervisors from Latin America and the Caribbean, 11-12 April 2013

Microinsurance and the insurance industry: By Brandon Mathews, 5 February 2013.

Microinsurance Learning Sessions Peru July 2015, Lima, Peru



Enhancing Microinsurance Knowledge from Latin American Practice

The partnership between the Multilateral Investment Fund and the Impact Insurance Facility looks to consolidate the existing knowledge in microinsurance by extracting, analyzing, and effectively disseminating in a variety of formats the lessons from microinsurance projects funded by both organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Purpose: Learn from the different microinsurance programs being implemented in order to replicate successes and innovations across the region.


  • Transferal of knowledge on lessons extraction from microinsurance projects in the region
  • Analysis and cross-fertilization of lessons for improved action in the region
  • Joint knowledge products, events and other activities for dissemination of lessons in the region

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Knowledge products produced by the partnership include short Emerging Insights and more in-depth Project Lessons



Impact insurance reduces vulnerability, promotes economic development, and is a powerful tool to achieve public policy objectives. The ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility enables the insurance industry, governments, and their partners to realise this potential. To do so we stimulate innovation, act as a global hub to strengthen capacity, and accelerate the development of inclusive insurance markets in selected countries.



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