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The current and future impacts of climate change pose substantial threats and costs to businesses and communities across Latin America and the Caribbean. These impacts will disproportionately fall on groups and sectors that are among the most vulnerable and least capable to identify, manage and adapt to these challenges: low-income populations, microfinance institutions (MFIs), micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and women and other traditionally excluded groups.


The MIF aims to help MSMEs, MFIs and low-income populations become more resilient and capable of managing and adapting to the risks and impacts of climate change and variability.

MIF Solutions:

  • The MIF supports innovative models and bottom-up approaches to climate adaptation, activities that raise awareness and expand the knowledge base, and measures to develop new products, tools and partnerships that can help the MIF’s core clients reduce their vulnerabilities to climate variability and change in the region. 
  • Training MFIs to evaluate their portfolio and advise clients on how to adapt business models and insure against potential negative impacts from climate change;
  • Supporting community-based adaptation for SMEs and communities, spurring collective behavioral changes to maintain livelihoods.

Results and Impact:

  • MSMEs and low-income populations are less vulnerable or more resilient to the impacts of climate change and variability.
  • MFIs will incorporate climate risk management into their portfolios and will provide green finance to their clients.
  • New adaption models/methodologies will be developed through MIF projects to serve MSMEs, MFIs or low income population through adaptation initiatives.



The MIF and the Climate Investment Funds

Learn more about the innovative ways in which the CIF, the IDB, the MIF, private sector investors and businesses, and communities vulnerable to the effects of climate change are all working together in the region.

 Infographic: Taking on climate change


Building climate resilience in Haiti, Jamaica and Saint Lucia
Carlos Sanchez Román. Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snapshots of climate change from small businesses in Colombia
Jennifer Baldwin. Monday, February 25, 2013

Climate Resilience and Value Chains
Steve Wilson. Friday, December 7, 2012



Building Climate Resilience and Business Opportunities

PROADAPT is a 5 year, US$11,685,000 program financed by the MIF and the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) that will help SMEs, value chains and communities to build climate resilience into assets and operations, and to explore the emerging field of tools, products and services that cater to the need to adapt to climate change.  

What does PROADAPT finance?

PROADAPT will finance technical assistance projects that provide training, new analytical tools, methodologies, stakeholder outreach and awareness-raising.

PROADAPT will finance the implementation of business models and strategies to enable selected SMEs to identify and capitalize on the demand for services and products generated by the need for climate resilience. 

PROADAPT will also finance market assessments and other studies that will facilitate replicating and scaling of successful pilot projects in the region and beyond. 

For further information and to apply for PROADAPT assistance, please inquire at proadapt@fomin.org.   

In this video of the MIF’s Steve Wilson and Zach Levey, the program coordinators, explain the basics of PROADAPT.