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Using diaspora remittance channels as a financing source to facilitate haitian access to renewable energy

Apr 30, 2013

April 25, 2013. Port-au-Prince. In April 2012, a project to improve Haitians’ access to solar energy was developed by Arc Finance and funded by the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank (MIF), with support from the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

In partnership with SogeXpress, a Sogebank Group subsidiary specializing in transfer payments, the project allows Haitians in the Diaspora to send solar products to their families in Haiti. SogeXpress works with 12Tel agents in Florida to encourage remittance customers to ship solar lamps to their payment recipients. As only 12.5% of Haitians are electricity customers, SogeXpress and its partners are playing a pioneering role in enabling access to solar energy through this platform.

The lamps, carefully chosen for their quality and durability, are available in five models, including desk lamps and lamps with two and four bulbs (d.light S1, d.lightS250, Firefly Barefoot, Barefoot Powapack 2.5W and 5W). They are also able to recharge cell phones.

Three of the solar lamp models are available to send from the 12Tel Miami transfer offices, and are delivered directly to SogeXpress’s 57 service centers across Haiti. These portable and easy to use solar lamps produce bright light and are equipped with cell phone chargers. They are available at very affordable prices and are guaranteed for one year in Haiti. 

Following the success of and interest in this program, for nearly a year, SogeXpress has also offered customers in Haiti the opportunity to purchase these solar products directly from all its service centers. The company also recently started to implement a mobile sales program through street retailers.

Thanks to this program, over the past year, SogeXpress has helped more than 24,000 Haitians benefit from reliable and continuous access to alternative energy. Nearly 9500 children can now study at home by the light of these lamps instead of using low light from candles and kerosene lamps. At the same time, the use of the solar lamps significantly reduces daily energy expenditures.


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Dominique Policard
Executive Commercial Director of Sogexpress

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